Burn fat and build muscle with Emsculpt

Are you struggling to lose fat in stubborn areas? Eating right and exercising, but not losing inches in those all-important places?


To achieve that toned, slim physique you’ve always dreamed of, it’s necessary to burn fat and build muscle at the same time.


But for many people shedding stubborn fat, especially in certain places such as the belly and thighs, can prove difficult. It can take months, years even, to achieve the results they are hoping for – and outside influences such as stress, hormones and busy schedules can get in the way of their goals.


That’s where Emsculpt comes in.

The only procedure of its kind worldwide, this ground-breaking treatment focuses on helping men and women to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously. The technology has also been hailed as the world’s first non-invasive buttock lift.


What is Empsculpt, and how does it work?

Emsculpt uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy which penetrates muscles beneath the skin. In one single session thousands of powerful muscle contractions take place, which rapidly improves the tone and strength of the muscles, simultaneously optimising their ability to burn fat.


How many sessions do I need? 

Emsculpt treatments last just 20-30 minutes each. You can expect to come in for at least four sessions, scheduled 2-3 days apart. Depending on your personal situation and objectives we will put together a tailored treatment plan focused on your goals.


Is Emsculpt right for me? 

Emsculpt is suitable for everyone – although you are likely to see more dramatic results if you are closer to your target weight. Adopting a healthy lifestyle post-treatment will help you to maintain your results.


If you have metal plates, screws or orthopaedic devices within your body, or piercings that cannot be removed you will not be able to access this treatment due to the electromagnetic technology used.


How does Emsculpt compare to other fat loss treatments?


What’s so exciting about Emsculpt is how quickly and easily treatment can be administered compared with alternatives. It is completely natural, working with the body to achieve the desired results. It feels like an intensive workout, but you can lie back and relax during the treatment.


The results you can expect from Emsculpt compared with other treatments such as fat freezing are similar – but patients tend to see a change in their physique more quickly with Emsculpt. Results can be seen within 2-6 weeks following the first treatment, and continue to improve over a four- to six-month period.


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