Ultrasound Cavitation Inch Loss

Non-Surgical Ultimate Cellulite Reduction

Ultrasound Cavitation Inch Loss safely and non-invasively liquifies fat cells on the spot, helping you to banish stubborn fat for good

Despite good diet and sufficient exercise, some areas of stubborn fat can remain, affecting your confidence and halting your progress. Ultrasound Cavitation Inch Loss can help you to banish fat for good so that you can achieve the slim, svelte physique you’ve always wanted.

Our 4D Ultrasonic Cavitation treatment is a completely non-invasive treatment for the reduction of body fat (cellulite). This treatment is non-surgical with no recovery time.

Are you looking to achieve a slimmer, healthier-looking physique without surgery? Would you like to reduce fat in specific areas? Perhaps you’re looking for a more defined waist, slimmer thighs or to banish ‘bingo wings’ for good.


Ultrasound Cavitation treatment reduces body fat safely, painlessly and non-invasively. Also known as 3D Liposuction, it is one of the most efficient methods of fat removal available on the market today and yields remarkable results, even after just one session.


How does Ultrasound Cavitation Inch Loss Treatment Work?

During Ultrasound Cavitation treatment ultrasonic waves are used to specifically target fat cells, turning them to liquid so that they can be safely excreted by the body during its natural elimination processes. Unlike alternative Liposuction treatments there is little discomfort and no down-time post-procedure.


What does Ultrasound Cavitation Inch Loss involve?

A device will be placed on your body at the specific areas of concern, where it then emits ultrasound waves to banish fat cells for good leaving surrounding cells and tissue intact. Each treatment takes around 20-60 minutes depending on the area or areas covered.


Ultrasound Cavitation Inch Loss is incredibly versatile and can be used even on smaller areas such as the chin or upper arm.


What can I expect post-treatment?

Although you won’t need to perform any kind of exercise or exertion it is important that you follow aftercare advice as closely as possible following treatment. Heavy meals should be avoided before and after the procedure, and you should drink at least 1.5 litres of water per day during your course of treatment. The fat cells won’t come back once they have been destroyed, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key to ensure that new fat cells don’t return in their place.


Does it hurt?

You shouldn’t feel any discomfort during your treatment – only a gentle warming sensation from the device.


What kind of results can I expect?

Results can be seen in as little as one session – but depending on your situation and objectives between two and six sessions are normally required to achieve desired results. Following your first session you can expect to see a difference in just seven days, though results do vary from person to person.



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How much will Ultrasound Cavitation Inch Loss cost?


The full cost of treatment will depend on how many treatments are required and the length of the course. Every client is different with different needs.


To find out more please get in touch for a free consultation with us, where we’ll discuss your concerns and requirements to determine whether this treatment is right for you and how many treatments you may need.

6 - 8 Treatments Required Once A Week

Pain Free & Non-Invasive

Breaks Down Stubborn Fat Deposits

Body Contouring

Smooths The Skins Texture

Tightens The Skin


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