Which fat loss treatment is right for me?


Which fat loss treatment is right for me?

You’ve been eating right and exercising – but no matter what you do, some areas still remain that aren’t as you’d like them to be.


If this sounds like you, you’re not alone – over 38% people in the UK say they have areas of stubborn fat they’d like to reduce or eliminate altogether.


Unfortunately stubborn fat is an issue many of us face – especially women. Due to hormones, stress and many factors arising from the strain of busy modern lifestyles, it’s not always easy to shed fat from the places that concern us the most. It’s also impossible to lose fat ‘on spot’ without cosmetic intervention, even if you do all the right things such as eating a healthy balanced diet and exercising regularly.


Common areas of concern include:

  • Stomach fat or fat around the middle (also known as a ‘muffin top’ or ‘love handles’)
  • Arm fat (commonly called ‘bingo wings’ or ‘bat wings’)
  • Fat on the upper legs and thighs
  • Fat on the buttocks
  • Fat around the face and neck
  • Back fat


Many factors can influence the development (and persistence) of fat in certain ‘problem’ areas – some of which might be beyond our control.


If you’re looking to eliminate stubborn fat in a specific area, a non-surgical fat loss treatment may be a good option for you. Safe, non-invasive and with little to no recovery time needed, non-surgical cosmetic fat loss treatments are understandably becoming increasingly popular. But which treatment should you choose? Here I’ve included a brief overview of the main fat loss treatments on offer, how they work and who they’re best suited for to help you decide.


What is EmSculpt?

EmSculpt is a body contouring treatment which use powerful muscle-contracting technology to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously. Focussed electromagnetic energy stimulates thousands of muscle contractions at a rate of around 20,000 per 30-minute treatment, offering effects that are greater than those from an intense workout.


EmSculpt is body contouring, addressing specific areas of concern to help shrink fat and build muscle for greater tone and definition. For this reason it is best suited to areas such as the abs, arms, legs and buttocks – areas that will visibly benefit from improved and visible muscle definition.


What is Aqualyx?

Aqualyx is a relatively new treatment that offers remarkable results, specifically for stubborn pockets of fat that haven’t responded to lifestyle changes or other types of treatment.


Aqualyx is a highly effective, targeted fat-dissolving treatment which is injected into the site of stubborn fat, where the fat-fighting compound attaches to the fat cells and dissolves them so that they can be eliminated via the body’s natural waste disposal systems. Aqualyx is actually a synthetic version of an acid that naturally occurs in the body, so it’s totally safe and essentially uses and builds upon the body’s own processes to eliminate stubborn fat.


Aqualyx treatment only takes around 30-40 minutes, after which you can resume normal daily activities. 8 treatments may be required to see maximum results.


What is Ultrasound Cavitation Loss? 

Ultrasound Cavitation (or Ultrasonic Cavitation) also works with the body’s natural waste disposal processes. Like the other non-invasive fat loss treatments it helps to reduce fat deposits in areas that are difficult to reduce through diet and exercise alone, however it is best suited for reducing cellulite adipose to improve body shape, contouring and reduce circumference in key areas such as the waist, thighs and hips.


During treatment a device is passed over the body which used ultrasonic radio waves to destroy fat cells beneath the skin. Once destroyed, the fat cells don’t grow back and the fat loss is permanent provided you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Results can be seen gradually with a course of treatments, so you’ll need to plan in advance if you’re looking to lose fat for a specific event. There is no downtime and minimal side-effects – post-treatment you can return to normal activities or go back to work.


Fat loss treatment process 

Not sure which option will be best suited to you? All fat loss treatments at Elizabeth Tetlow begin with a thorough and detailed consultation, to determine your current situation and goals and which treatment will be best suited to your needs. You’ll receive personalised advice and a tailored treatment plan, carefully designed to deliver results in line with your objectives and expectations.


Book a consultation for fat loss treatment today, or for more information get in touch.